In the early 2000th years, Hämmerle Brothers started working on some prog tunes. Rapidely they where handelt as the talented musical underdogs in the local music scene, who brought fresh air into the game at that time and they´re really cooking their own soup. The mixture of progressive, melodic metal, alternative and ambient rock is catchy,absolutely unexpected and powerful. So far, the quote was: “ Those, who like powerful riffs but seek for something different will certanly get their money´s worth with Gate To Infinity.

After many years of unvoluntary changing in the cast, some demo and album self-releases and touring activities they felt it was time to do the next step, looking for a producer and lead singer with abilities to transport their musical visions into next level. So they joined forces in autumn 2022 with supertalent and multi-instrumentalist, producer and singer Caleb Bingham ( ex Five Finger Death Punch, Athanasia ) entered the studio for their very first and  ambitious longplayer studio album.


a tribute to the legendary band YES, our first collaboration with Caleb Bingham released 2022.

Levaturium -released 2020, the LP includes 5 prog pieces

  1. How You Dare
  2. Wisdom Will Arise
  3. Stardust Falling
  4. Rise And Shine
  5. Levaturium

mixed and mastered by the legendary Achim Koehler.

The Storm -released 2017

  1. prologue
  2. the storm
  3. dance under moonlight
  4. banish the fiends I evoked
  5. beyond,…
  6. …time
  7. shangri la
  8. the power lies in my dreams
  9. cydonia mensae ( bonus track)

prophecy -released 2012

  1. wasting time
  2. follow me to death
  3. behind these walls
  4. reaver of your soul
  5. anywhere in space
  6. pray for me
  7. prophecy