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Long since an insider tip in the domestic music scene, the prog-metalists cook their very own soup. By no means common fare is offered here. Traditions of classic lineups were broken with the aim of serving something fresh and tasty but still familiar. They seem to succeed in this due to the mixture of Progressive, Melodic Metal, Alternative and Ambient Rock. The listeners will become captive with catchiness and virtuosity. It gets loud, absolutely unexpected, but beautiful!

Those who like powerful riffs but seek for something different will certainly get their money’s worth with GATE TO INFINITY.

Gabriel Harder

Beginning his career as a singer in the local children’s choir he realized already soon that he love being on stage. Always enthusiastic about dramatic-epic sounds coupled with the energy of metal riffs, symphonic metal bands were among his earliest influences.

His full load of charisma, passion for music and obvious talent convinced without a doubt and he became an integral part of the band.

Bernhard Hämmerle

He discovered his passion for music at a tender age and initially learned the basics on keyboard instruments, but he was always drawn to the six-string.
As a teenager and initially purely self-taught, he tried his hand as a guitarist in funk, rock and blues bands, but his passion was always for the harder, more complex and orchestral sounds.

With his entry into the Gate To Infinity, he has lived this passion to the fullest and has since been writing and producing songs in the Melodic/Progressive Metal genre, together with his brother.

Martin Hämmerle

He plays the drums, contributes the keyboards and supports, if necessary with backing vocals. With this venture he fulfills his very personal musical dram. He understands Prog as the chance to simply give his skills to the best, uncompromising and thoughtful at the same time.

The mastermind of the band also lectures as a drum coach in southern Germany or plays various other projects that are close to his heart.