Some people are searching for
in the name of madness.
These things they are searching for
are known as the apparent truth.

Whatever they found.
Whatever they know.
Whatever they call
the order for one and for all.

Don’t be afraid of us.
Your deliverance lies in our hands.
No alternative choice.
If you do they will say the same to you.

All these concepts you’ve got offered now.
All these secrets you have ever heard.
It’s your choice, listen to your heart.
Your decision, finish what you start.

Today is Shangri-La.
Tomorrow nirvana,
the day after all days.
Some new Eden-concepts.

Don’t be afraid.
Your deliverance is just in your own hand.
You don’t need a choice for an alternative
the core remains the same.
Be confident, be confident!

Behind the sea of lies
and believing disorders
rests the source.
For a while we all,
we all should own it.
Just for a while.

In the name of god, nation’s warfare is rising again and again.
The masked force of evil grows controlling the world with the chorus of praise.
In the end you will have the chance to decide.

It’s your choice.
Close the line.
It’s all true
about Shangri-La.

(It’s your choice)
so push the final nail.
(Close the line)
(It’s all true)
The cosmic roots are frail.
(About Shangri-La)
(It’s your choice)
Is this my last betrayal?
(Close the line)
(It’s all true)
So pass the Holy Grail!
(about Shangri-La)